Create a positive brand image with storytelling videos.
What is Video Advertising?
The main goal behind video advertising is most likely brand awareness. Showing commercial videos to a specific target group should increase the awareness of your brand among your potential customers. Depending on the goal or strategy, you can use longer or shorter videos. The so-called “Bumper Ads” or “6-second videos” are currently a very popular format. Videos should be created so that viewers understand the message even when their sound is turned off. Different platforms require different types of video and therefore you need to think about your goal and strategy. YouTube, for example, is great for storytelling using different videos in a sequence. But there are other possibilities including Facebook Video, Instagram Stories and video placements on 3rd party sites that you can buy programmatically.

The Challenge

The most difficult part of video advertising is setting the goals and expectations. Video ads are not for driving sales, they are all about brand awareness, increasing the image of your brand or increasing the probability of your customers purchasing from you. Another argument is that producing video is expensive but this is not entirely true. Large companies usually produce TV ads that can be adapted to the digital world at little cost. A professional looking video ad can be produced at fairly low costs. Some of our clients were able to launch successful campaigns to younger target groups just by using smartphones.
What we do
How we work
Goals & Strategy
Define the strategy 
Status Quo Audit
Audit the status quo to see what’s being advertised now and where improvements can be made
Video Strategy
Defining the type of videos and message you want to broadcast
Know your customers
We will research the customer’s behaviour to better understand the needs.
Decide on Platform
After knowing the customer’s needs, we can define the video platforms we want to use for advertising.
Campaign creation
Set up new campaigns and improve them over time 
Monitoring & Optimising
Set up reporting and monitor daily

What you get

Depending on your goals we will increase the revenue, lower the cost or increase the brand awareness of your company. We are very transparent in what we do, so we document our changes and keep track of time. We demonstrate the performance in custom dashboards that are relevant or you and easy to use.

Tools we’re using

  • Google AdWords
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Google Datastudio
  • Supermetrics
  • DoubleClick Bid Manager
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