Increase brand awareness with amazing banners that are actually seen.
What is Programmatic Advertising?
Programmatic is a type of advertising that is defined by buying available inventory (advertising space). It is fully automatic and individually based on the available customer data. Each user can be targeted with a personalised banner, video or audio clip that is chosen automatically. The targeting is based on interests, location, previous searches, visited sites, time of the day and many more. The goal is usually to increase Brand Awareness, but many platforms also offer a way to do “product remarketing”. This works by showing ads with products that your website visitors viewed but haven’t bought. Some platforms even offer cross-selling or up-selling. When done right, programmatic advertising will bring value to a user in each part of the customer journey.

The Challenge

Programmatic advertising is all about planning and setting expectations. Apart from remarketing, programmatic advertising usually does not have the goal of generating sales or a positive ROI. It is about brand awareness and supporting the customer in his buying journey in the long term. It’s important not to focus on the number of impressions. Quality is more important than quantity. Focus on viewable impressions and how often banners are shown (frequency). Measure the uplift in sales throughout the customer journey during this process.
How we work
Define goals together with you that reflect your digital strategy 
Implement tracking scripts and pixels on your website 
Campaign development
Define campaigns and target groups based on the customer journey 
Asset development
Create banners, videos or audio clips (together with your creative department or agency). 
Buy media
Set the budget and agree to the buying of impressions at a certain cost. 
Optimise campaigns based on performance and goals
Create reports to evaluate the success of the campaigns

What you get

Fully optimised and monitored campaigns. The results depend on promotions, competitors, available inventory and creatives/banners. You will be able to evaluate the performance in our reports.

Tools we’re using

  • DoubleClick Bid Manager
  • DoubleClick Campaign Manager
  • Google Ads (formerly AdWords) / GDN / YouTube
  • AdForm
Want to start with programmatic advertising?