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What is PPC?
PPC means pay per click. It’s also called SEM or SEA, Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Advertising and in Germany often Performance Marketing. However you want to name it, it comes down to the fact that this channel’s main goal is usually to increase revenue and profits using Google Ads (formerly AdWords) or Bing Ads. Sometimes Facebook and other social networks get included in the definition as well. Please look at our social media advertising services for more information. With Google AdWords and Bing Ads, you can both target people that are searching for a product, brand or service with text ads and product ads. For the product ads, also known as shopping or PLA, you need product feeds containing all product information and images from the products you’re selling. With Google Ads (formerly AdWords) you can also start with video advertising on YouTube or Display Advertising to increase brand awareness or consideration and target customers at the beginning of their buying process. If you have an E-Commerce business you can also use Google Ads (AdWords) for Dynamic Product Remarketing, meaning that you can show display ads with the products a user visited but hasn’t bought to increase your ROI.

The Challenge

The PPC world is changing every day. Being on point with the latest updates and technology is very important but also time-consuming. It’s important to continuously monitor your ad spend, revenue and ROAS as this can change from week to week or month to month. Make sure you advertise the right (in stock) products and make sure (price) information is accurate.
How we work
Strategy and goals
Every PPC project starts with defining the strategy together with the clients, to work out goals and explaining how we are improving the situation. 
Starting point
First, we need a starting point. This is set using an audit of the current status quo. 
To ensure the success of the campaigns we will set up a weekly and monthly reporting and discuss developments with you, the client. 
Daily Business
On an operative level we will: 
Do keyword and customer behaviour research 
Set up new campaigns, ad groups and ads and improve existing ones
Daily Monitoring and management
Manage bids and create bid-strategies

What you get

Depending on your goals we will increase the revenue, lower the cost or increase the brand awareness of your company. We are very transparent in what we do, so we document our changes and keep track of time. We demonstrate the performance in custom dashboards that are relevant to you and easy to use.

Tools we’re using

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Google Datastudio
  • Supermetrics
  • Custom Ads Scripts
  • DoubleClick Search
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