Marketplaces are here to stay. Jump on board or your customers won’t find you.
What is Marketplace Management?
More than 50% of product searches in Germany and the USA start at Amazon. In other countries, we see a similar pattern. Many of the larger E-commerce websites offer a marketplace where you can sell your product in exchange for a commission. Amazon has developed some advertising tools to help companies sell more on Amazon. A part of that service is called Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). It offers to advertise products and banners based on keywords or products people are searching for. You have the opportunity to place your products in the user search menu and on product pages, making it an important way to generate new traffic. In order to sell more on Amazon and other marketplaces, you need to add high-quality content and do keyword research to make your products rank higher in Amazon’s algorithm. Amazon SEO works similarly to normal SEO. The user experience has a high priority and will be influenced by the picture and content quality of your product page. This goes for selling on eBay as well as other marketplaces such as, or Rakuten.

The Challenge

Besides publishing your products on a marketplace it is also important to set out a strategy to generate and to increase sales. Use accurate stock information so you don’t have to cancel orders. High-quality product descriptions that do not cannibalise your website’s SEO strategy are necessary. Not all companies like to sell on marketplaces because they fear the marketplace will copy their products or start producing it themselves. Because of the large market share of these web shops it’s not a question “if” you should sell but “when” you will start selling on marketplaces. Otherwise, you are not present in a huge part of the customer journey, which will lead to the consumer choosing a competitor product.

How we work
Strategy and goals
Together with you, we will define the goals and scope of your needs. We help you to define the strategy and assist you in choosing the appropriate marketplace to sell your products.

If you decide to sell on Amazon we help you to choose between the Seller and Vendor model, as well as getting you the right contact people. 
Content production
 We will support you by writing new product descriptions and specifications that are optimised for the requirements of the chosen marketplace. 
Advertising Strategy
To support and scale your business we will define an advertising strategy and a corresponding budget. 
Set up & monitoring
Afterwards, we set up campaigns and a report in order to monitor performance and give you exact insights on how well your marketplace shop is performing.

What you get

Product syndication on one or more marketplaces and sales generation on marketplaces. Reports showing the performance of sales as well as the performance of the advertising campaigns. You will be able to scale your business quickly.

Tools we’re using

  • Amazon Marketing Services
  • Sistrix
  • Sellics
Want to reach customers on marketplaces?