Data is nothing when it doesn’t give you insights. Dashboards show you where to focus.
What are KPI Dashboards?
KPI dashboards show you the most relevant data for your business and your role. A CMO needs to see different data compared to a hands-on marketer optimising campaigns. Dashboards are actionable, informative and graphically appealing, to give you the data you need when you need it. Furthermore, dashboards should be easily accessible where ever you are. Desktop and mobile optimised for when you’re on the go, or even optimised for the screens hanging around your office.

The Challenge

The key is developing a dashboard with the right KPI’s to give you actionable insights. An often overlooked challenge is not to show too much information, as not to overload the dashboard and instead building a visually appealing short information base.

How we work
Defining KPI’s
We interview you and your team to learn about your business and KPI’s. 

If needed we will suggest additional KPI’s in order to prevent “company blindness” and think about out of the box KPI’s.
data collection
Then we will start looking for the data. Data should be tracked and available. 
Advanced measurement
If not, we will discuss how we can track the right KPI’s and start collecting data. Additional cooperation with the IT department will ensure that all of the most important data sources can be tracked and displayed.
Platform and tool
Depending on the data, your goals and budget we will suggest a platform that securely displays your dashboards.
MVP and end result
After building the proof of concept we will discuss further needs and visualisation to come to an end product. In the meantime, the MVP can already be used. We will discuss further needs and visualisations to reach the perfect dashboard for your task.

What you get

A fully customised dashboard suiting your needs that is flexible and responsive* for every situation.

Tools we’re using

  • Google Datastudio
  • Microsoft PowerBI
  • Klipfolio
  • Datorama
  • Supermetrics

*Google Datastudio does not support responsive dashboards yet.
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