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What is Google Tag Manager?
Google Tag Manager is a script you place on your site which allows you to insert other scripts dynamically into the site. It increases flexibility for implementing scripts and pixels of your own and 3rd party software. Marketers can create new scripts and pixels themselves without having to change the code on the website. The IT department can implement scripts and pixels without having to code something new or deploy a new release of the website. When it comes to problems or errors, a rollback is not needed because individual scripts and pixels can easily be removed or paused. Additionally, you can use the Google Tag Manager for (advanced) implementations of Google Analytics.

The Challenge

The challenge with Google Tag Manager is defining what you want to track or fire. The trigger timing is important when a script or pixel is fired will determine if it works or not. An underestimated factor is internal communication. The IT department should know what Marketer track with GTM to avoid tracking conflicts. GDPR compliance is another big challenge.
How we work
First, we have a look at your goals and needs as we need to create a tagging plan.
Cleaning up
After scoping the project we will first clean up the Google Tag Manager account (if needed) and start using a naming convention. 
Implement Tracking
We will implement new scripts, and triggers and move all hardcoded scripts to Google Tag Manager. 
Advanced implementations
After this process, we will continuously manage tag implementations in the future.

What you get

Support and a clean(ed up) Google Tag Manager account. Tags and scripts are fired at the right time while still complying with GDPR.

Tools we’re using

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Tag Assistant
Want to implement Google Tag Manager?