Increase the customer lifetime value by sending segmented and relevant e-mails.
What is E-mail  Marketing Automation?
E-Mail Marketing Automation is the process of sending out relevant and personalised E-Mails to (segmented) clients. Using pre-defined triggers, rules and “if this then that” processes you can send “many E-Mails to one” instead of “one E-Mail to many”. Examples of Marketing Automation E-Mails are birthday E-Mails, Abandoned Cart E-Mails or “Hey, we miss you!” E-Mails. Even the NPS (Net Promoter Score) can fall under the term Marketing Automation.

The Challenge

The most difficult part of setting up Marketing Automation campaigns is getting accurate data and defining business rules. When to send out what, to whom and how to reduce the faults? Additionally, how can you target customers with relevant ads without annoying them and risking cancellations?
How we work

Goals and strategy
Before starting to create campaigns, we sit down to discuss the goals. What does your business need to accomplish and what is your strategy to reach those goals? 
Status Quo Audit
Then we will look at the systems that are in place and the data that they collect. In order to do Marketing Automation successfully, we need to find out which data you already have, which extra data we need and how we can get this data. Sometimes the data is already available and just needs to be connected. In other cases, the data is not available and needs to be collected or transferred to the systems by your IT department. 
Platform research
The next step is figuring out if your current ESP Software is up-to-date and capable of using your data for Marketing Automation.
Business rules
After this initial audit, we will define the business rules. We will also discuss how we can prevent or minimise errors because of wrong and inaccurate data. 
After scoping the project we will start building and executing the E-Mail Marketing Automation campaigns. 
Expanding and monitoring
Follow-up projects could be A/B testing such campaigns with different copywriting, visuals and layouts. We will monitor the campaigns and provide you with a reporting afterwards to evaluate successes and improvements.

What you get

After the implementation and executing of Marketing Automation campaigns you will have highly customised and personalised campaigns that are automatically sent to your clients using the right message at the right time. These improvements will increase your revenue, sales or brand awareness. Depending on your systems you will get (near) Real-Time dashboards and automated reports to monitor the performance of your campaigns closely.

Tools we’re using

  • MailChimp
  • Emarsys
  • SalesForce Pardot
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