It all starts with data. Don’t only trust your gut, make data-driven decisions.
What is Analytics?
Measuring how your users behave and how your marketing efforts perform is now more crucial than ever. More sophisticated marketers, more competition, and higher costs force you to implement correct tracking. We are fully data-driven, that means we always use data to guide our decisions. Of course, the human instinct and trusting your gut are important, but they have to go hand in hand with good data to ensure optimal results.

The Challenge

The key is to get clean and accurate data. Part of that is filtering out spam and internal/office traffic and making sure that someone coming from a paid Facebook ad is tracked from the right source and campaign. Once you have secured high-quality data, you need to be able to compress a big amount of data into KPIs that are relevant for your business and for your website. In the end, you need to be able to correctly interpret the resulting numbers and compare them to previous periods. Most companies don’t have the correct data or don’t have enough capacities to analyse the existing data. We support you in this quest, contact us.
How we work
Status Quo Audit 
First, we audit the basic set-up of your Analytics (Google, Adobe, etc.) account. This needs to be configured according to GDPR and basic settings and filters need to be implemented. 
Check implementation
Then we check if everything is implemented correctly from a technical standpoint, using Google Tag Manager and if the correct configuration is implemented across all pages on your website. 
Next, we will discuss with you which KPIs are relevant for you to be measured. Events that happen on your website (e.g. downloading a file, adding a product to the shopping cart, click on a phone number) and which anonymised, GDPR-proof tracked visitor data is relevant. If not yet implemented, we will implement Enhanced E-commerce as well in order to give you more insights. 
Google Analytics standard or 360?
We will discuss if there’s a need for Google Analytics 360 or if the standard version of Google Analytics is still good for you. If you are using another analytical tool we will check the costs and benefits to find out the perfect solution for your business. In order to measure everything, you sometimes need to change a few technical aspects of the website. We will discuss this with the relevant people in your IT department. During this process, your data quality will continuously be improved and you will be able to work with the data at this time.

What you get

After the Project, You will have a very advanced implementation of Google Analytics, customised based on your needs. Data is as clean and as accurate as possible. You will be able to make decision-based on correct data.

Tools we’re using

  • Google Analytics (Standard and 360)
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Tag Assistant
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  • Want to improve your data quality?